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Feminist Projects (1972-74)

All of the groups founded between 1972 and 1974 managed without “public dough”


Projects founded since 1974 are well documented at FFBIZ (Women’s Center for Research, Education and Information) and Spinnboden Lesbian Archive and Library, both in Berlin.



Frauenbuchvertrieb (Women’s Book Distribution), up to 1987

BIFF — Counseling and Information for Women

Frauenselbstverlag (publishers, later sub rosa, then Orlanda), since 1974

FFGZ — Feminist Women’s Health Center since 1974/

Flying Lesbians — 1st women’s rock band in Europe 1974–1976/



PSIFF Therapy Center for Women, since 1975

Labrys Women’s Book Shop, up to 1994

UkZ Unsere Kleine Zeitung, (magazine) 1975–2001

Lesbenpresse (magazine), 1975–1982

Blocksberg Women’s and Lesbian Bar, 1975–1980



Courage (monthly magazine) 1976–1984 completely digitalized at FES

Amazonenverlag, 1976–1984; the first publishing company in Europe putting out mainly lesbian literature

Berlin Summer University for Women, 1976–1983, with up to 10,000 participants

SVF e.V., Self-defense for women since 1976/

Lilith Women’s Book Shop, up to 1998


All of these institutions manage(d) without any state funding!

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