Leftist Experience

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Women Make Movies (1971)

Women Make Movies (1971) Feisty suburban women plan a film/ “Camera as weapon”/ The “apron-pocket screenplay”/ Feminist realism/ Collective work practices/ Effects I got to know the Tenants’ Council in the Märkisches Viertel neighborhood through my contact with the filmmaker Max Willutzki, and I attended their meetings regularly from the summer of 1970. Together with[...]

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In Search of a Theory

Women join leftist parties Nazis had eradicated the memory Not rooted in our own interests Stop complaining of chauvinism Black Panther Party for Self-Defense Thrilling New Knowledge Women join leftist parties The politics of our women’s commune was limited to ‘actionism’. By changing our behavior and overstepping boundaries we tried to feel our way forward.[...]

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Women’s Commune

Four women on the warpath/The search for new modes of behavior and images of women/Emergence of the June 2nd Movement   I spent the summer and autumn of 1970 with women from Agit 883, but we weren’t really getting anywhere with the “woman business” there. The men instrumentalized and intimidated us. Then Annerose Reiche and[...]

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Militant Women

The newspaperAgit 883 Moral outrage… The Women’s Liberation Front Speaks Up Anarchas versus Hierarchs A Gender Perspective on Militancy? So I left the Wochenschau group because it was too moderate, I announced, and joined a group of anarchist-minded women with whom I worked on the collective of the newspaper Agit 883. That meant translating Italian[...]

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Why So Furious?

My coming-out inspires fear, fury and research In an initial overview for the present project, I described my coming-out as a lesbian in the summer of 1970 as quite harmless, at least at the film academy, where there were many gay men and a liberal climate prevailed. But having set out to decipher my notes[...]

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Sexual Revolution?

Dress Codes and gender roles / Politically correct sex/ The myth of the vaginal orgasm/ Leftist pornography/ Paternalism The Whore Complex In no. 35 of the journal Kursbuch, published in 1974, five women converse about their experiences with the “sexual revolution,” among other things: Wera: What happened when you practiced this ‘free sexuality’ and slept[...]

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After the revolt, guilt pangs and a need for subordination / Documentary Filmgroup / Shooting in a squatted Building / Satansweiber von Tittfield At the end of 1968, the political movement split into a number of factions. The revolt at the Film Academy ended dramatically: The most active and creative students had been removed as[...]

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’68 From Below

The Film Academy as a Battleground Art versus Politics The War Game Read Marcuse! In 1998, on the thirtieth anniversary of 1968, the media showcased the spokesmen of the time: Rudi Dutschke, Bernd Rabehl, Knut Nevermann, Rainer Langhans and Horst Mahler. They accorded them hours of broadcasting time for their mainly negative assessment of 1968.[...]

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Berlin goes feminist